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A Look At The Life And Work Of Kassidy Duhamel

Kassidy Duhamel is an Academy Award-nominated actress, producer and director. She began her career as a child performer before making her feature-film debut at the age of 11 in WarGames. After appearing in several successful films throughout her teenage years, Duhamel achieved mainstream success in 2000 with the title role in My Sister’s Keeper. Duhamel has since starred in a number of successful films including Elektra, The Unfaithful and Somewhere.

Kassidy Duhamel

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Kassidy Duhamel, who now?


The younger sister of Josh Duhamel, a very well American actor, artist, and superstar of films and television shows, Kassidy Duhamel, occasionally spelled Kassidy Kemper, is well-known. Josh Duhamel, Kassidy’s elder brother, is recognised for his roles in a number of well-received and critically acclaimed Hollywood productions, including Marriage Of convenience (2017), Expendables: The Last Knight (2017), and Call of Duty: WWII (2017). (2022).

I will provide information on Kassidy Duhamel, through her background to her love life, as well as other fascinating details you probably weren’t aware of. Let us just take a short glance at her profile summary because once I proceed.

Personality Overview


  • Full Name: Kassidy Duhamel

  • Other Names: Kassidy Kemper

  • Birth City: Minot, North Dakota

  • Nationality: American

  • Ethnicity: White-American

  • Brother: Josh Duhamel

  • Parents: Larry Duhamel and Bonnie L. (Bachmeier) Kemper

  • Sisters: Ashlee Duhamel & McKenzee Duhamel

  • Husband: Nick Murdock

  • Daughter: Savannah Rose Murdock

Kassidy Duhamel Biography


Kassidy Duhamel was born Minot, North Dakota State which is located within Minot, North Dakota State in the Upper Midwest of the United States of America. But, the information about the exact date she was born or her age isn’t available. She is White-American , and holds American citizenship as a result of birth. Her children are the youngest born to the parents of her, Larry Duhamel and Bonnie L. (Bachmeier) Kemper. The father of her, Larry, is a businessman from the US and an advertising salesman. Her mom, Bonnie Kemper, works as an entrepreneur and is a local businesswoman who was once an educator at an elementary high school located in Minot.

Kassidy Duhamel Education


Kassidy Kemper attended her elementary School at an elementary school located situated in Minot, North Dakota, where she earned the Elementary School graduate certificate in the year 2006.  To celebrate the occasion, she shared her elder twin brother Josh Duhamel,

“Congrats to my younger sister Kassidy for graduating in MInot High!! You are a rock Kass! !”


Kassidy Duhamel Husband


Kassidy Duhamel is married to long-term partner, Nick Murdock. The actress announced her engagement via an Instagram post that she posted on April 13th the 13th of April, 2019.   The news was confirmed in a blog post she posted on the 10th of October 2022. She wrote in the caption:

Kassidy Duhamel

I had an infant! Savannah Rose Murdock born July 30th 2022.  !”

In what is in “personal information section” of her profile on Facebook, Kassidy Kemper lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her daughter.

Kassidy Duhamel’s net worth


Kassidy Duhamel is not able to provide any estimated wealth. Her older twin brother Josh Duhamel, is reported having a fortune of at $11 million. Josh earns a living from the American model and film industries that he has been part of for over two years and one-half years.

Comment on Kassidy Duhamel’s style of living. Are you one of her most loved family members? Have you seen any of her brothers’ films? Tell me more details about the film in the comment section.



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